Students of history know that our culture and time are unusual in basing marriage on the concepts of a fair, polite, mutually respectful, monogamous, loving, intimate, power-sharing relationship. These lofty ideals often yield re­lationships that are highly satisfactory to the spouses, but as a result of common human shortcomings they also yield a disappointingly high number of divorces.

Each divorce case is unique, with its own issues, time frame, and dynamics. A person facing a divorce is likely to feel overwhelmed by all of the issues. And the demands of the divorce process come at a time when people are typically stressed and emotional due to all of the life changes associated with the breakdown of the marriage.

No one wants to have to go through a divorce. If you find yourself in that situation, you and your family will benefit if you become educated about the process, the issues, and the law, and if you pursue your divorce in a thoughtful manner. I hope this book assists in that process.

In the context of a divorce, knowledge can help reduce your anxiety and uncertainty, help you avoid costly mistakes, and help you reach a better outcome for you and your children. The knowledge you gain from this book may also reduce your legal costs as your divorce attorney will have to spend less time meeting and discussing with you the process, procedures, and substantive information you will learn from this book.

A divorce case is likely the most important and complicated legal matter you will ever encounter. You need a divorce attorney. This book will provide answers to your general questions, but it is not a substitute for an attorney. Your divorce attorney will be able to give you specific legal advice tailored to the facts of your case and the practices and procedures of your locality.

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